We work daily with non-profit organizations, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions to support their critical youth mentoring and youth development needs. 

For mentoring relationships to be successful, it is essential for mentoring programs to support all youth populations with respect and dignity.  The mentoring sector can no longer be successful if we regard mentors as “saviors” and ignore the very characteristics that make each youth special and exclude embracing all parts of a youth’s identity.  This is why every mentoring program in the country needs to invite Dr. Torie Weiston-Serdan, author of Critical Mentoring, to meet with their stakeholders and mentors to bring her culturally responsive and relevant perspectives to the work.  Mentoring that places emphasis on this youth-centered approach will create the most impact and bring about the most change.  And, there is no one better to deliver these insights than Dr. Weiston-Serdan —who is not only entertaining and engaging—but has what it takes to drive the message home.  Dr. Weiston-Serdan’s presentation was game-changing in Omaha, Nebraska, and I recommend her presentation to mentoring programs across the country.

Deborah Neary, Executive Director, MENTOR Nebraska

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